January 21, 2019

What is DCA All Age?

  • DCA is Drum Corps Associates. DCA is most prominent in the Northeastern US and Canada however in recent years DCA has begun to grow in the South.
  • DCA was formerly referred to as Senior Corps however in the last 20 years has shifted to All Age.
  • Many DCI corps over the years have shifted to DCA. Corps like Kilties, Bridgemen, Skyliners …
  • Newer DCA corps of note are Atlanta CV, Alliance (ATL), Southern Knights (BHAM) & Cadets 2.
  • All Age is 14 and up. There is no age cap at 22 like DCI Open or World Class.
  • Youth, Young Adults and seasoned adults can all march together.
  • Class A is a classification by DCA for smaller All Age field corps ranging from 35 to 65 members not including drum majors..